Recognized and Honoured as an Industry Leader

Royal Warrant Holder

Once in a business's lifetime there comes the honour and privilege of being bestowed with the highest form of recognition for its excellence and commitment to its craft and customers. For Complete Refinish, the rare pleasure of being awarded the Royal Warrant for vehicle repairs in 2017 allowed us to join the elite ranks of around 800 similarly distinguished businesses in the country.

Being awarded a Royal Warrant is a recognition in itself, but it's also a responsibility and a call to action, a call to continually uphold our reputation as being providers of the highest standards, committing ourselves to continuing our quality and excellence, year after year.

ISO 9001 Registered

We've seen it time and again. The best way to provide high-quality customer service consistently is to make sure that there's an internal commitment to quality standards. 

Our ISO 9001: 2015 certification guarantees that we adhere to best practices when it comes to customer service and ensure an open, communicative and high-functioning internal organisational structure that promotes quality.

What our ISO 9001: 2015 certification should tell you is that we have a real passion for excellent service, coupled with the genuine desire to serve all our clients well so we can continue to operate at full capacity, growing alongside your needs.