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Refresh, revitalise, restore and renew: that's what the team at Complete Refinish does best. Every now and then, the spaces we live in, rely on, think fondly of as home and inhabit, grow tired and out of date. To restore that "good-as-new" look to your home and office or retail space, we provide a cost-effective, refinishing solution that leaves a room looking as though it's been upgraded, not just updated. As leaders in our industry and craftsmen at heart, Complete Refinish's team of talented technicians approach each job with professionalism...with a personal touch!


The easiest way to spruce up the look of a room or a building? Refresh the details by refinishing your doors and trims. The fastest way to botch up the details? Hand painting your doors and trims. Even a skilled painter or decorator will agree: It takes multiple coats and time to apply paint in an even and uniform fashion. Compare this with our professional spray paint technique and you'll be able to see just what a difference our unique coating system makes. Our team of mobile technicians have devised and finely honed a technique through years that delivers a consistent, high-quality result every time. From external, entryway doors to garage doors, bi-fold, patio doors, fibreglass, GRP composite or uPVC, our methodology gives you a vibrant and effortless, factory-grade finish. After a mobile technician prepares the doors and trims, this unique coating system binds directly to the substrate of the surface, creating a chemically-bonded, durable finish. Our work comes with a 10-year adhesion guarantee so all you'll have to do to care for your newly-coated surfaces is gently wipe with soapy water. This is one look that won't go out of style.

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Our commitment to treating each of our customers with care, courtesy and only the highest quality of service parallels how we treat each of our projects. We pay the same level of attention to your homes as we do when we listen to your needs with empathy, expertise and an easy going outlook. We aim to 'wow' our customers' expectations on projects involving metal coating, plastic painting, wood finishing, powder coat refinishing, vehicle respraying and glass-back painting. And you know what? We haven't missed the mark yet.

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