Make a Statement With a Splash

Complete Your Kitchen with Complete Refinish

Our clients opt for glass splashbacks when they're looking to create a light, airy, open-concept appeal to their kitchens while using a stylish, high-quality, and cost-effective method. Glass splashbacks are the perfect solution for home and office spaces: They offer a designer technique and the benefits of a low-maintenance, low-cost solution. Use our low iron glass to bring a bloom of colour and personality to your kitchen and breakfast area, or opt for a more sombre tone with a pure base colour, blended with the rest of the room.


Nowadays more and more people are choosing glass splashbacks as a way to add personality and practicality in their kitchen area. The reason is simple. Splashbacks are an economical and a hassle-free way of achieving that contemporary interior design that we all want. Splashbacks are easy to install and even easier to maintain. And they provide that instant lift that every old-fashioned kitchen desires. If you are in need of bringing in some style to your kitchen, we have the solution for you. Thanks to the low iron glass we use, we can provide you with a bright burst of colour or a more practical solution of a base colour, blending it in with the rest of the room.

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and as such we are completely devoted to bringing your vision to life, excluding the usual stress that these types of renovation bring. Dive into the world of kitchen splashbacks, contact us now and watch as we bring your vision to life!

High-Quality Custom Installations with High-Impact Customer Care

When you work with Complete Refinish, you'll experience a level of customer care that is both personal and personable. We work alongside you, and we're accountable to your vision. Our team is committed to delivering a consistent level of customer service. We take care to start and finish your projects with the same level of care and attention to detail. While the work we do is certainly innovative, comprehensive and professional, our signature is our dedication to our clients and it's how we make a difference in the lives' of our clients. At Complete Refinish, we're not in the business of delivering projects; we deliver visions.


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