Kitchen Spray Painting

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Can you Spray Paint on laminate doors?

Yes, our paints have excellent adhesion properties to melamine, mfc and plastic.

Question. Do you carry out repairs to kitchen panels and doors?

Yes, wherever possible we pride ourselves in repairs and challenge ourselves to exceed your expectations in our finishes.

Question. Why is a spray painted finish better than hand painted?

A spray painted finish is far better all round aesthetically, has better durability and is far quicker to apply.

Question. What are the advantages to Spray Painting?

The advantages to a spray painted kitchen finish is a uniform, consistant finish and when applied by a professional outfit such as Complete Refinish a dust free 'factory like finish' can be achieved.

Question. What are the disadvantages to Spray painting?

The disadvantage to spray painting is that the paint is airbourne and large volumes should always be professionally quarantined. Thats why whenever possible Complete Refinish will take panels away to avoid excessive overspray.

Question. How do you avoid overspray on my goods?

We mask up all areas thoroughly and use an extraction system to assist in clearing the atmosphere.

Question. Why should you use Complete Refinish to spray paint your project?

Complete Refinish takes extreme pride in every project undertaken. With the vast amount of experience and accolades that we have achieved within the industry we are equipped to tackle issues that many technicians are not able to. All our staff are fully trained and follow a procedure that is safe and proven to produce results.

Question. What is the cost to spray paint my kitchen?

Every kitchen project we spray paint is unique and has its own requirements. Please feel free to enquire within for a quotation. We have a very strict non harrasment policy.

Question. How long does the process take from start to finish?

Our process is extremely efficient and will allow you to be able to use your kitchen the same day after doors have been removed, you can expect to receive your doors fully fitted within 7 working days.

Question. What Colours are available to spray paint my cabinets?

We can colour match paints from many of your household brands such as Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Valspar, RAL, Little Greene, Johnstones and so on. We are also able to apply bespoke metallic and pearlescent finishes.

Question. What type of sheen levels can I get?

Complete Refinish can spray paint matt, satin, gloss and high gloss finishes.

Question. Do you paint the cabinet unit edges?

Complete Refinish will do its upmost to achieve the best solution for your project and if painting the edges will produce the best finish then we will do so. In most cases this is inclusive within a kitchen painting project unless otherwise stated.

Question. Why do you take away the doors?

We remove the doors and bring them back to our purpose built workshop to undergo a thorough and meticulous preparation process where doors are degreased, repairs can be carried out and a dust free finish can be achieved. By removing the doors we have complete access to all sides for a consistent finish. With this procedure we are able to avoid overspray on hinges.

Question. How soon can I use my kitchen after you have finished?

As soon as our refinishers have completed and demasked the kitchen cabinet the doors will be touch dry. We will advise that you take care within the first few days as the properties within the paint can take 72 hours to fully cure. Your technician will advise on site.

Question. Can we change the style of handles on the door

Yes, we are able to fill the holes and bore new holes to fit new handles,. The handles or knobs must be purchased and presented prior to the day of onsite spraying.

Question. What do I need to get started.

We will require a few photos of your kitchen to get a good idea of what you would like to achieve. You will need to count the doors and drawers to get a more accurate quotation.