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Rebranding your business, the right way is our business

Your internal operations are sound, well-structured and allow your business to run with more than a modicum of efficiency and professionalism. Shouldn't your exteriors exude the same level of pride and architectural design? For two decades, the mobile technicians at Complete Refinish have been helping clients execute on their visions for their businesses — inside and out!


Our absolute and total commitment to customer care and service means that we're listening to you and communicating in a way that encourages you to collaborate with us, share your concerns and experience the beauty of a process that takes care of you from start to finish. When you choose Complete Refinish, an aesthetic, high-quality finish is our guarantee. That's just how we work and what you should expect. But what you'll really be impacted by is our dedication to your vision. Contact us today to find out how we've serviced businesses just like yours!

Backed by Technical Expertise Designed to Help You Stand Out

With hundreds of residential and commercial projects completed and counting, we've narrowed down our expertise to bring our depth of technical knowledge and unique operational methods to the revitalisation and restoration of exteriors in these four areas:

Structural aluminium frames: For metal work that is damaged, faded, nicked, scratched or simply in dire need of some time and attention, choose a solution designed to save you time and money. Our unique spray paint method refurbishes and then restores the integrity of your structural aluminium frames without the need for high-cost replacement and renovations. Contact us today to learn more!

Cladding spray painting: Overtime, even once-sturdy cladding on factories, warehouses, industrial units and more starts to show its age. While durable, the nooks, gaps and crannies on corrugated metals can expose it to a high degree of scratching, denting and damage. When it's time to renew cladding, this can make it hard to reach and challenging to restore. Rely on Complete Refinish's spray paint technique, which provides a high-quality, even and smooth finish. Our safe and reliable method, coupled with our highly skilled technicians ensures that your paintwork looks completely natural and professional.

Architectural spraying: Complete Refinish's team of mobile technicians completely updates and upgrades your exteriors, using our technical knowledge on office blocks and new builds. From re-coating external buildings, warehouses and industrial units to providing spraying and coating solutions for office buildings and storefronts, we work with a keen eye for the details that make architectural finishings an artistic affair. Projects are completed on-site, restoring the exteriors of buildings with a start-to-end focus on the details that offers buildings an entirely new lease on life.

Onsite spray finishes: Before you consider replacing structural elements of your exterior, or become completely overwhelmed by the cost (and time!) of an overhaul, learn more about the way in which Complete Refinish can provide the perks of a renovation at a fraction of the cost. With minimal disruptions and a cost-effective on-site spray finish, you can continue on, "business as usual" while we work behind-the-scenes to amplify, beautify and completely renew your exteriors. Contact us today to learn more about how we go above and beyond for our commercial clients. 

We Do "Quality Control" by Providing Quality Care

Choose Our Professional Services for a Personable Customer Experience

Our team at Complete Refinish credits our 18 years in the industry to demonstrating one very fundamental idea: That high-quality customer service is what sets us apart. It's what helps our business enhance your business. When you choose Complete Refinish, you're choosing an industry professional that has delivered hundreds projects and overseen the renewal and revitalisation of numerous homes and professional spaces. But we're only as successful as we are because our clients are with us, every step of the way, guiding us through their vision. Our mindset is pretty simple: the best way to service your interiors and exteriors is to serve your expectations -- and then surpass them. Call us for a quote today or reach out and enquire about how we can help make your vision a reality.


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