Seal the Deal with Finishes Designed to Last

Complete Refinish specialises in quality you can see with service you can rely on

When you work with our team of mobile technicians and spray paint specialists, you're perfectly poised to benefit from our unique methodology, years of industry knowledge and expertise, as well as our total and complete dedication to high-quality customer care. From start to finish, we handle the finishes on your exteriors, doors, windows and more. High-quality, professional results are just one aspect of what we do. What sets our team apart is who we are. And who we are, at our core, are craftsmen, with an eye for detail, who also happen to believe in innovative solutions that save you money. We're a full-service team that prides ourselves on the service we deliver. With hundreds of paintwork projects under our belt, and numerous homes, offices, workspaces, and vehicles transformed, our clients choose us for who we are and how we work. We believe that your prized possessions and personal spaces are where our professional service can make a real difference, renewing, refreshing and ultimately transforming the look and feel.


Consider the work we do at Complete Refinish like a facelift for your exteriors: Quick, painless and instantly noticeable. Not to mention non-invasive and completely cost-effective. The truth is, when it comes to your exteriors, caring for the details goes a long way. A touch of paint here and a smooth application there and, voila!

So how do you turn back the clock 10 years on your home, office or conservatory? Well, you don't actually have to do anything: our team of mobile technicians does all the heavy lifting. Literally. The only thing we'll need from you is direction on your vision and your paint colour preferences.

Transform dull, decaying, and yellowing uPVC windows into beautiful accompaniments and the finishing touches on your exteriors. Restore that freshly-painted look with a method that is far easier, low-cost and time-friendly. Our spray paint method has been developed using only the highest quality materials, which results in a factory hard finish that doesn't crack, peel, fade or flake.

We're so proud of our method, in fact, we back all our paintwork with a 10-year adhesion guarantee. So go ahead and pick your most painful spot: a drab-looking gutter? A dimming roofline? A soffit or a drain in need of some obvious care? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

We Begin Our Finishes with Exceptional Customer Service

How do we place your needs, visions, and expectations first? Let us count the ways. From the moment we begin speaking with you, listening to the details of your visions and your ideas for the project, we're constantly assessing how best we can serve you. We listen to your concerns and we do our best to offer the most cost-effective solutions. From timeframes to colour matches to estimates, we're with you along the way, working according to your specifications. We prefer transparency and operate on a principle of authenticity. We know you trust our expertise and we work hard to maintain that privilege. If your personal space could use our professional expertise, contact us today!


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