Serving You Has Always Been a Part of Our Story

Exceptional and professional customer service.

Experienced craftsmanship.

Unique and innovative techniques.

This is the trifecta of values Complete Refinish has come to be known for. It took years to cultivate our reputation, and our story is one that demonstrates what anyone can do with a little bit of commitment, dedication and a whole 'lot of heart.

When we first began, it was clear to us that success in business could only come from a focus on our end customer. While there were plenty of service providers in the area, not everyone had a consistent combination of these three values. The result was inconsistent customer satisfaction, crossed expectations, and missed opportunities. Right from our inception, we agreed that these three values would be foundational pillars, no matter how large we grew. If our raving clients are anything to go by, we aimed true.

2002 was a special year in our eyes. That's when a close team of vehicle refinishing experts combined their expertise and passion into working together. Car Cure & Care was born out of the opportunity to work with some of London's most prestigious and well-known car dealerships as a lean and mobile unit.

Our work took us across the city and taught us even more than we had bargained for. Suddenly, we became experienced in working under differing conditions and elements, tasked with some of the most challenging projects that called for fast decisions and creative solutions. And unforeseen obstacles? That was just one part of our day, but this toughest of grounds proved to be a real generous teacher because we quickly scaled up our operations and expanded into a new area: interior and exterior spray painting projects.

As clients and customers approached us over and over again for shop front projects, furnishing retouches, kitchen cabinet doors, window frames and more, one thing became clear to us: a human touch and attention to detail makes all the difference. So we began to ask: how can we take our commitment to customer service and excellence in craftsmanship even further?

Together with specialist paint suppliers and a unique methodology, we adapted our technique to bring spray painting solutions to substrate, surface, and exterior-environment projects. Looking back, we had come so far, it was time to grow again and rebrand. An end-to-end service like ours demands an identity that reflects the way we work and "Complete Refinish" communicates this to our clients.

We've quickly become known for our professional and rapid-response service for projects involving kitchen respraying, uPVC window colour changing, shop front frame painting, aluminium frame repainting and, of course, car scratch repairs.

Fast forward 16 years from our beginnings 2002, and you'll find a company that's thriving with a diverse array of clientele. We've been welcomed into more homes and offices than we can count and we take that as real privilege.

From start to finish, our focus is on listening to our clients, allowing them to feel as though they have our complete attention. It is this customised, dedicated service, coupled with our workmanship and experience that gives our clients a sense of trust in our work. Working with them has made the last 18 years fly by. Now, we're looking forward to the next 18.

Now that you've read about our journey, we want to ask: how can we be a part of yours? Please reach out for a quote to get started today!