Interior Designers Refinish

Complete Refinish was called in to refinish this high end bespoke project. The cladding was manufactured out of valcromat an innovative, high performance material. In this case the substrate was oiled and according to the client had an unfinished appearance not to their liking. We were also instructed to spray paint the hand painted divider frames and carry out repairs.

Professional Experience Neccessary

The interior designers who called us in for this project in Wandsworth, was extremely concerned not just with the project and the volume of spray painting required, but how tidily we would have to be as the site was now occupied by there client.

Onsite Spray Painting

Our professional spray painters took this project on with due diligence. Preparation was key to this project as the oils and pre finished surfaces was a concern for top coat finishing. Masking had to be thorough and tight for the interior spray painting.

Refinishing Process

After the doors were taken off to give us full access to the panels and ensure a professional spray painted finish. we were able to apply a protective primer which acts as a barrier to prevent paint reaction and provide good adhesion.

Paint Applicated

With all the neccesary spray paint equipment a factory like finish is achieved despite the volume of the surface.

No Compromise in Finish

Doors are realigned and fitted to the kitchen carcass to complete the project. Here we have a complete transformation and an extremely satisfied customer.


If you want a finish without compromise with quality of service. Count on Complete Refinish.