Making the Details Count — Welcome to a "Complete Refinish"

We bring bespoke spray paint solutions to your personal and professional projects

For the past 20 years, our team of paint sprayers at Complete Refinish have been focused on making an impact on our local and regional community through professionally-executed, high-quality and completely custom spray paint solutions. Our reliable and dedicated team of professional paint sprayers are craftsmen at heart who rely on innovative paint technology to deliver convenient, low cost and high-quality paintwork. From start to finish, we're focused on the details of our clients' visions, delivering projects on time, with minimal disruptions and streamlined work process. We work proudly with those details, finishing, renewing and refreshing to bring their vehicle, residential and commercial spaces alive with colour and style.

Complete Refinish operates on a few simple values:

  • Your personal projects are our professional passion.
  • We listen to your needs, focusing on delivering your vision first.
  • We bring a cost-effective, high-quality and innovative method to paint projects that allows us to offer a 10 year guarantee and a colour-matching process with over 10,000 shades.

These three principles are at the heart of our service and promise to you.

So, skip the lengthy renos and avoid the extensive upgrades. All you need is a "Complete Refinish".

Ready to learn more about how we serve you?

Count on High Quality Custom Paintwork backed by High Quality Customer Service

We're in the business of renewing, refreshing and restoring with unique paint solutions. But while we're at it, delivering our industry expertise and quality craftsmanship on every project, we're also dedicated to redesigning and redefining your customer experience. After 20 years in business, we know a thing or two about client maintenance and we make it as easy to work with us as it is to maintain the home and office paint upgrades we provide. What should you expect? Professional, quality work, communicative and empathetic listening and a high degree of attention to the details – from the way we treat your projects to the way we treat your trust in us.


Painted Back Glass-Residential Interior

Doors & Trims-Residential Exterior

Kitchen Refinishing-Residential Interior

uPVC colour-Residential Exterior

Splash Back Colour - Residential Interior

Paint & Body-Vehicle

Wheel repairs-Vehicle